Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hey, March is here!

March has been quite the change of pace from February. Loving that the NHL is finally back in action and I'm proud of our boys who brought home gold medals!! (Don't worry, it's cool, I'm a dual citizen so I'm 50% allowed to root for Canada). 

 One thing that stays continuously difficult for me is finding the time to vacation. I'm not the type of girl to go travel to a far away beach and relax for the week--vacation to me is going back to Maine, where I'm from, and spending time with the family. I'm overdue for a trip so I'm putting that on the to-do list. 

School has been lovely. Pierce has one of the best hands-on journalism programs that I know of. More than half of our time is spent out in the field gaining experience. It's magical. The best part of school is getting to dress like a boy for most of the week, flannel, comic book shirts, and all. 

 Here is a cat collage. Enjoy it. Because cats are great. These are some of the cuties that live at my house. Marshall, Baxter, Tomato, and not pictured is Kidden. These cats can seriously brighten a bad day. If we could all relax, nap, and hang out as much as these guys, maybe our lives would be a little less stressful. 
I used to be BIG into photography but then life happened--where does the time go? These guys seem to be the only thing I'll ever have time to photograph & practice my skills on!

After seven months of passion, hard work, and hockey, I was able to put together a hosting reel with the incredible editing talents of Phillip Radke! Looking back on all the features I've hosted so far makes me incredibly excited for what the future will bring.  I'm ecstatic to be able to do something that I love and call it workFollow your dreams, people....it sounds cliche but I'm serious. We only live once (yeah, ok, that's cliche too). Watch :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz4Aq8XlidE

Me at the game w/ miss Brooklyn!
Speaking of work and following your dreams, I had this vision of getting Staples Center to participate in a "yes chant" during a Kings game. Now, let me back up and explain. I'm a huge WWE fan, right? One of my favorite wrestlers is Daniel Bryan. He started a movement a.k.a the "yes movement," that has spilled over into popular culture and professional sports. People literally just point their hands in the air yelling 'YES' at a catchy pace. It's a beautiful thing when properly executed. We were given the green light to attempt a "yes chant" in celebration of our mascot, Bailey's, birthday. Watch this video to see the results:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X10FtGCfxO0

Not bad! BUT....me being a perfectionist, I wish I could've gotten the entire arena to participate. Maybe I will try it again sometime and maybe it'll be even better. Every game is a learning experience and I'm constantly searching for the perfect ways to engage and interact with all 18,118 people in attendance.

After that game, I headed down to Manhattan Beach to shoot a feature about the LA Kings 6th Annual Taste of the South Bay. What a fun night! Fans got to mingle with the whole team and eat a bunch of great food. It aired on Kings Weekly on Fox Sports West but here it is in case you missed it: http://msn.foxsports.com/west/video?related=3dfdfc64-d771-4f4f-b603-171660beed37

Chatting with Linden Vey and Tyler Toffoli about cupcakes
Shirt: Michael Kors // Necklace: Express
Good times with Anze Kopitar

BIG CHANGES.....sort of... I changed my Twitter handle that I've had since I was 19. It's no longer @ohcarrlyn, it is now @CarrlynBathe. Oh yeahhh.