Thursday, May 8, 2014

April came and went and I'm one year older...

Enough has happened in the last month that will keep me smiling for a while. Consider this a photographic timeline of what I've been up to. To type it all would take a lifetime.

But here are SOME highlights:

- Celebrated my birthday with a Kings game 7 win against the Sharks surrounded by co-workers, friends, and fans.
- Had my first ever surprise birthday ANYTHING put together by my amazing boyfriend and close friends.
- Colin started professional wrestling and I've loved getting to watch him fall in love with the sport even more.
- I've been riding the Kings playoff train straight into crazy town! Having a serious blast this post season so far.
- Interviewed Andrew W.K., & members of Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, and H2O, for BiteSize TV.
- Bought a new car!
- Enjoyed a Dodgers game in style with good company.
- Watched Colin play guitar in his new band. Only ever seen him drum or sing before so that ruled.
- Met Harry Styles ... 14-year-old-Carrlyn would have died.
- Also met a huge idol of mine, CM Punk. Talked about wrestling, being straight edge, and music. Amazing human being, I will continue to look up to him.
- Attended my first indie wrestling promotion at Santino Bros.
- Saw old friends, made some new ones.
- Officially finished my first regular NHL season as the LA Kings in-arena host!
- Welcomed home the Kings at LAX with Kings Vision after our huge comeback win.

And here's my hodgepodge of photos from the past few weeks...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hey, March is here!

March has been quite the change of pace from February. Loving that the NHL is finally back in action and I'm proud of our boys who brought home gold medals!! (Don't worry, it's cool, I'm a dual citizen so I'm 50% allowed to root for Canada). 

 One thing that stays continuously difficult for me is finding the time to vacation. I'm not the type of girl to go travel to a far away beach and relax for the week--vacation to me is going back to Maine, where I'm from, and spending time with the family. I'm overdue for a trip so I'm putting that on the to-do list. 

School has been lovely. Pierce has one of the best hands-on journalism programs that I know of. More than half of our time is spent out in the field gaining experience. It's magical. The best part of school is getting to dress like a boy for most of the week, flannel, comic book shirts, and all. 

 Here is a cat collage. Enjoy it. Because cats are great. These are some of the cuties that live at my house. Marshall, Baxter, Tomato, and not pictured is Kidden. These cats can seriously brighten a bad day. If we could all relax, nap, and hang out as much as these guys, maybe our lives would be a little less stressful. 
I used to be BIG into photography but then life happened--where does the time go? These guys seem to be the only thing I'll ever have time to photograph & practice my skills on!

After seven months of passion, hard work, and hockey, I was able to put together a hosting reel with the incredible editing talents of Phillip Radke! Looking back on all the features I've hosted so far makes me incredibly excited for what the future will bring.  I'm ecstatic to be able to do something that I love and call it workFollow your dreams, sounds cliche but I'm serious. We only live once (yeah, ok, that's cliche too). Watch :

Me at the game w/ miss Brooklyn!
Speaking of work and following your dreams, I had this vision of getting Staples Center to participate in a "yes chant" during a Kings game. Now, let me back up and explain. I'm a huge WWE fan, right? One of my favorite wrestlers is Daniel Bryan. He started a movement a.k.a the "yes movement," that has spilled over into popular culture and professional sports. People literally just point their hands in the air yelling 'YES' at a catchy pace. It's a beautiful thing when properly executed. We were given the green light to attempt a "yes chant" in celebration of our mascot, Bailey's, birthday. Watch this video to see the results:

Not bad! being a perfectionist, I wish I could've gotten the entire arena to participate. Maybe I will try it again sometime and maybe it'll be even better. Every game is a learning experience and I'm constantly searching for the perfect ways to engage and interact with all 18,118 people in attendance.

After that game, I headed down to Manhattan Beach to shoot a feature about the LA Kings 6th Annual Taste of the South Bay. What a fun night! Fans got to mingle with the whole team and eat a bunch of great food. It aired on Kings Weekly on Fox Sports West but here it is in case you missed it:

Chatting with Linden Vey and Tyler Toffoli about cupcakes
Shirt: Michael Kors // Necklace: Express
Good times with Anze Kopitar

BIG CHANGES.....sort of... I changed my Twitter handle that I've had since I was 19. It's no longer @ohcarrlyn, it is now @CarrlynBathe. Oh yeahhh. 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

First post is always the longest!

February has been an exciting month.

I thought the NHL going on hiatus while the Olympics took place would allow for me to have plenty of downtime, but it seemed like just the opposite happened instead! With work, school, and a little bit of fun in-between, I started to enjoy the sound of my alarm clock in the mornings.

To kick start my few weeks of "down time," Becky and I attended The Ellen Show taping in Burbank as VIP guests--we can now scratch that off our bucket lists!

We screamed like 16-year-old girls when Channing Tatum entered the set, danced our butts off whenever we heard that Ellen music, and get this--we, along with the entire rest of the audience, all received tickets to come back to Ellen's "12 Days of Giveaways" taping in December. For those of you that aren't familiar, it's Ellen's version of an Oprah Christmas Special, complete with giveaways for vacations, the hottest electronics, the best beauty products, and you name it....

The icing on the cake were definitely the Ellen mugs that the show's producer, Andy Lassner, so kindly gifted us. Kings fans, unite!! What a rockin' day.

The Kings might've taken a break from playing for the month, but I certainly did not! I joined the Silver Lady Kings. They're a friday night women's league team that play out of the Kings' practice rink in El Segundo. I justified a new stick purchase with this thought process: "New team, I should probably get a new stick to keep up with all the newness." So, I swiped the plastic and walked away from Discount Hockey with a new CCM RBZ. It was love at first sight. Lightweight, durable, grippy, 75 flex Landeskog curve...we'll see what she can do. I can picture my dad shaking his head. He could rip a 90 mph slapshot with a broom. It's not the stick that makes the player better...right? ;)

Five words: GO SEE THE LEGO MOVIE! Best animated movie (next to Frozen) that I've seen in a long time. I fell in love with all the characters and give Warner Brothers a pat on the back for doing some justice to how awesome Legos really are. We already knew that when we were younger but it's nice to see the plastic people so awesomely represented. The only thing that surprised me was how much ticket prices at the Arclight have gone up. I'm still a sucker and believe that it's the best movie theater in my vicinity so it'll just be something I have to get used to.

 I can credit my knowledge of WWE wrestling to my four brothers. I say knowledge because I unwillingly knew too many wrestlers names, could give a stunner at the drop of a hat, and never wanted to "smell what the Rock was cooking." My LOVE for wrestling can be credited to my boyfriend Colin, though. He sparked my interest in the newer theatrics of the sport and we both enjoy following the WWE's latest antics. This month, we attended a live Monday Night RAW at Staples Center and had a BLAST! Second time seeing live wrestling for me and it's always a treat. Yes, I know it's all fake, but you gotta love a good show.

 Oh, and happy belated Valentine's Day. Nothing better than a heart made out of Kit Kats and a Darth Vadar change tin to accompany your breakfast at 5 p.m. Wouldn't want to spend my day any other day, really.

Lastly, trying to grow my wardrobe has been an incredible challenge. I'm too big of a fan of yoga pants paired with band t-shirts and sneakers...but as my career in sports grows, so must my clothing options. I've had fun putting together camera friendly color options and trying to be stylish at the same time. I had two fun features to shoot this month. One was covering the LA Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Poker Tournament for Kings Vision, and the other was covering the Lil' Kings fitting event at Hockey Monkey for Fox Sports West. It was my first time shooting with Fox and I had an absolute blast. Interviewing kids all day is so hilarious...I learned some sweet dance moves and my heart was touched by so much love for hockey in one place.

Jacket: Michael Kors // Sweater: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean // Pants: Express
 // Necklace: Forever21 // Phone case: J. Crew
Shirt: Express // Skirt: Express // Belt: Target //
Shoes: H&M // Necklace: Express
// Tights: Forever21

 Now, I wait for my beloved NHL to return!!