Thursday, May 8, 2014

April came and went and I'm one year older...

Enough has happened in the last month that will keep me smiling for a while. Consider this a photographic timeline of what I've been up to. To type it all would take a lifetime.

But here are SOME highlights:

- Celebrated my birthday with a Kings game 7 win against the Sharks surrounded by co-workers, friends, and fans.
- Had my first ever surprise birthday ANYTHING put together by my amazing boyfriend and close friends.
- Colin started professional wrestling and I've loved getting to watch him fall in love with the sport even more.
- I've been riding the Kings playoff train straight into crazy town! Having a serious blast this post season so far.
- Interviewed Andrew W.K., & members of Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, and H2O, for BiteSize TV.
- Bought a new car!
- Enjoyed a Dodgers game in style with good company.
- Watched Colin play guitar in his new band. Only ever seen him drum or sing before so that ruled.
- Met Harry Styles ... 14-year-old-Carrlyn would have died.
- Also met a huge idol of mine, CM Punk. Talked about wrestling, being straight edge, and music. Amazing human being, I will continue to look up to him.
- Attended my first indie wrestling promotion at Santino Bros.
- Saw old friends, made some new ones.
- Officially finished my first regular NHL season as the LA Kings in-arena host!
- Welcomed home the Kings at LAX with Kings Vision after our huge comeback win.

And here's my hodgepodge of photos from the past few weeks...

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Carrlyn! I love your enthusiasm when I'm at Staples.